Asti, Piermonte: A Dream Place To Visit

The region is inhabited by a population of around 75,000 persons. It is found in northwest Italy roughly 55 kilometers from Turin within Tanaro River’s plains. The city is believed to be the capital of modern Monferrato.

Asti is found at the hub of Piedmont and on the south borders Liguria. Some gentle hills are found in the city as they alternate with valleys to give unique beauty and some vineyards that stretch beautifully to a length that is limited by one’s eyesight. You will definitely need kaleidoscopes and shades to behold the beauty presented here.

Wine in Asti

The wine that you get here is of exceptional quality. It cannot be matched with any other. Sparkling wine can only be found in Asti, Italy. Tourists throng here for wine among other touristic reasons that they have. The wine produced is an export of the Asti city to regions around the world.



An astounding landscape is presented by the hills that are naturally found in Asti city. The hills reserve the beauty of the town as they fall and rise in valleys and some mind blowing meanders that you cannot avoid to applaud. You drive along the hilly area in Asti, and you definitely want a comeback because of the experience offered here. Your mind relaxes properly in Asti. It is a town to remember, and a dream place for all to visit.

Rich history in Asti

The rich history of the town of Asti should be explored thoroughly. The traditions found thereof and rich art works that preserve the tradition of the Italians are a real sensation. The town is a chocolate box and a charming place that triangularly opens up to the famous area, Palio, where horse race is done.


Viniculture has been practiced here in Asti since time immemorial. Museums found in this area are worth seeing, and anyone who understands what tourism means should not miss what the museums here in Asti have to offer. The Museum of Ancient Trades and another museum of old and pleasurable ways dabbed “Museo Bersano delle Contadinerie e delle Stampe Antiche, are wonderful museums that have preserved the Italian culture to its best.


What to do in Asti

You will definitely enjoy holidays should you choose to come to Asti. The routes where wine is made are a perfect place to walk in, to trek, and ride a bike through the hills that are marvelously covered with vineyards. You will definitely be tempted to make a call to wineries as you enjoy the stroll or the ride. You may also prefer to watch birds in the luxuriant vegetation. It is purely your choice since the activities here in Asti are uncountable.

Lovers of golf can visit the outskirts of Asti, and there they will be treated to some excellent fun and competition. The Agliano Spa offers a healthy vacation through the use of sulphurous water that is known to offer some medical care of relaxation and other remedial properties. You cannot get enough of Asti city.

A blog about Asti, why would anyone do that?

Well, I can’t answer for other people out there, but for me it was only natural, given my connection with the place.

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