Asti – about us

A blog about Asti, why would anyone do that?

 Well, I can’t answer for other people out there, but for me it was only natural, given my connection with the place.

 Let me elaborate: I grew up listening to my Nan’s stories about her grandpa, this stoic moustachioed gentleman from Italy. How he drank his wine, ate spaghetti, and gestured about, all while booming about something (according to her, he was always loud, to the point that whispering was a lost concept on him).

Having lost my own grandpa at a young age I could relate to how she felt about this giant of a man who, for the little girl she’d been, represented safety. So I started doing some research on my family roots, and a little bit of digging told me that he was born in a city called Asti.

 That was the first time I heard about it. Some more research and I was in love with the place – I couldn’t help it. And when I first visited it, my love just grew deeper. So much that it was all I could talk about for a while.

I decided to start a blog in part to share what I have learnt, in part to spare my friends. So here I wrote about what makes me so passionate about the place: a little bit of its history, so you can understand why there are so many ancient buildings around; a bit about my favourite historical sites – I personally think Asti is a perfect rlt072astpal_004-map-620destination if you like medieval history and architecture, I always take my sketchpad with me when I’m about.

 There are wonderful festivals – the Palio di Asti being one of them – so of course they got their own post. Another big favourite of mine – food! – also got its post, and I’ll apologise in advance if someone feels offended by my wording, but I can’t help it, I’m a part-Italian talking about food, whatcha can doo?? *waves hands*

 If you’re planning a first trip to Italy, I came up with a list of things you can do in Asti: apart from eating and drinking, you can tour the vineyards and see how the local wine is made, walk around and count the towers, and even spend the day at one of the 18 hole golf course.

 In case you’ve a little more time I made a list of day trips you can take around Asti: you can choose between taking the waters like a Roman (or an elderly person, whatever suits your mood) or go whale-watching for the afternoon, after spending the morning sunbathing by the Mediterranean. Besides the list of reasons to visit Asti that I’ve made there’s also de FAQ, in which I hope to have answered any general questions you might have about the city.

 As my love for the city, from whence my family came, continues I plan to keep on writing about it – there’s always a lovely secret just waiting to be discovered. I hope you’ll stay with me in this journey!