August 31, 2016

Asti, Piermonte: A Dream Place To Visit

The region is inhabited by a population of around 75,000 persons. It is found in northwest Italy roughly 55 kilometers from Turin within Tanaro River’s plains. The city is believed to be the capital
August 28, 2016

Asti – Historical facts

Asti is one of the cities, or comunes, in the province of Piedmont, in the North of Italy. As with most parts of the country and neighbouring regions, the Romans occupied and developed a city in Asti;
August 17, 2016

Asti – things to do

Asti is a comune in the province of Piedmont, in Italy; for those who aren’t familiar with Italian geography, the Piedmont is in the North of the country, and it borders both France and Switzerland;
August 8, 2016

Day trips from Asti

 Asti is one of the most visited provinces in the Piedmont region, in Italy, mostly because of the fabulous wine and the amazing landscapes. But the best thing about spending the holidays in a place
August 3, 2016

Asti- where to stay

Being one of the cities that attracts most of the tourists to the Piedmont region, Asti is clearly prepare to provide accommodations to all that come visiting. And whether your budget says “shared
July 30, 2016

Asti – gastronomy

 Italy is somewhat worldwide reputed to have exquisite cuisines, which vary depending on season and – perhaps more important – location. Different provinces, or communes, have different traditions
July 25, 2016

Asti – Popular Festivals

As with any place that produces any D.O.C foodstuffs, Asti is home to many Festivals all year long; in the interest of travelling, I compiled a few which I think you’ll be enticed by. Many of Asti’s
July 13, 2016

Asti – the History

 Asti was a very busy province in Piedmont during the Middle Age, being particularly powerful throughout the 13th century. The historical parts of the province are littered with medieval buildings that
July 3, 2016

Asti – Why Visit It?

Hello, fellow travellers! Today we are going to see why Asti should be your next holiday destination.  First things first, a bit of geography: Asti is located on the Northern part of Italy, in a region

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